Neuro Development Therapy


Who would benefit from Neuro Development Therapy?

Children who experience problems with various aspects of learning and behaviour often have signs of neuro-motor immaturity.   Neuro Development Therapy provides remedial treatment for the underlying physical causes that produce symptoms such as:

  • Reading, writing or spelling problems
  • Immature pencil grip
  • Difficulty keeping to the lines on a page
  • Difficulty sitting still and/or needing to be on the move
  • Inability to focus their attention or follow instructions
  • Poor impulse control
  • Lack of coordination
  • Balance problems and poor posture

 About the INPP Method

The INPP Method is used worldwide and originated in the 1970s at the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester where they explored the link between neuro motor immaturity and learning difficulties. Using standard medical tests,INPP created an assessment protocol so that practitioners could map the physical abilities of a child and use this information to develop a remedial programme. The tests include those for:

  • tracking movements of the eyes for reading and writing and playing sports
  • coordination and balance needed for posture and fine movement
  • spatial awareness for understanding time, sequencing, and sense of their own body

About the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation programme

If there are signs that your child is experiencing auditory processing difficulties, I will carry out a comprehensive assessment using the Johansen protocol of taking an audiogram, testing for laterality of sound processing and how the two ears work together to make sense of sound. As part of their Neuro Development Therapy your child may need a customised auditory training programme. 

What is involved in a Neuro Development Therapy programme?

This therapy is drug free and uses the brain’s natural ability to demonstrate neural plasticity when given a second chance to lay down new pathways between brain and body. A comprehensive assessment of over 50 different tests establishes where signs of neuro-motor immaturity are present, the none or two daily physical exercises are chosen for your child which target their developmental level of difficulty. Regular reviews monitor their progress in achieving new milestones and the exercise programme is adjusted to take them to the next stage in their neurological development. The Johansen IAS programme will be incorporated into the treatment plan where necessary or can be considered as a stand-alone therapy.


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