Hypnotherapy is a way to engage in specific stress-related issues and the experience of anxiety. This is an evidence-based approach that has been approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS). There is nothing gimmicky or flimsy about the approach and it has nothing to do with popular ‘stage-hypnosis’ that you may have seen on the television.

Non-trance hypnotherapy is a form of active relaxation and creative meditation to aid clients in the change process. Used in the context of addressing specific stress-related issues, anxiety and fear, this type of active relaxation is about creative visualization and positive affirmation.

In a deeply relaxed non-trance state our imagination can be high and rich, whilst our anxiety levels are low. In this state we can absorb our creativity in a more open and accepting way that can positively impact our hopes and desires for that all-important presentation you have to make, sitting that upcoming exam, or flying off on our far-away holiday. Perhaps you are experiencing self-esteem and confidence issues. Whatever it is that is stopping you from being the confident person that you wish to be, hypnotherapy may be of great help to you.

This is short-term solution focused therapy and you may find that you only need 3-6 sessions to experience real improvement in whatever specific issue is holding you back. You need no special clothing and will be able to function fully immediately afterwards in order to get on with your day. You are free to re-engage in hypnotherapy for a different issue at any time and may find that experiencing relief in one issue may have a knock-on effect with other issues too.

Here are some examples of what hypnotherapy can help with:

Self-esteem & confidence
Fear of flying
Pain related issues
Public speaking & giving presentations
Exam-related anxiety
Anxiety & panic
Weight loss.

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