Carine Henry qualified as a Dietitian in 1992 from Queen’s College, Glasgow and has lived and worked in Cambridge since then. She worked in Clinical Paediatric Dietetics at Addenbrooke’s Hospital for 12 years before setting up her own practice in 2002. Carine regularly works with Paediatricians, GP’s and other health professionals to provide multidisciplinary care for families of children with food and nutrition related problems. She enjoys teaching at many levels and has worked within Schools and Universities as well as in medical and dietetic training. She is a registered Consultant with the Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge. Her main dietetic interest is in the field of food allergic disease. Individual symptoms vary widely and may co-exist with other nutrition related problems or deficiencies. She does not carry out allergy testing and instead uses clinical and dietetic history, which is an effective and non-invasive method for diagnosis and management. Carine seeks to ensure that all nutritional needs are met whilst following any therapeutic diet, and that growth and development are of paramount importance. Carine maintains her dietetic skills by regular attendance at professional meetings with Dietitian’s working in Paediatric Nutrition and Allergy both locally and nationally.

Carine Henry is available for consultation on Saturday mornings at the Beechwood.

Telephone: 07974 766378   Email: Carine.Henry@PaediatricNutrition.com Website: www.PaediatricNutrition.com