What is Psychodynamic Counselling/Psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy provide a confidential professional relationship in which you can explore difficult, painful emotions and experiences with a professional who is trained to help you understand the meanings of your feelings and behaviour It provides an opportunity to discover the ways in which the past is unhelpfully influencing your current life as well as restricting the development of your full potential as a human being.

How Can Counselling/Psychotherapy Help Me?

Counselling/Psychotherapy can help you understand yourself, your feelings and your behaviour, more deeply and can help you find your way in life better; as well as enabling you to deal with difficult and painful situations more effectively.

Therapy helps:

  • When you are uncertain about yourself and experience low self-esteem
  • When you are emotionally overwrought, depressed, tearful, anxious or angry, and your ways of coping are not working.
  • When your develop worrying physical or behavioural problems which do not seem to have a physical cause.
  • When your are faced with a major life stress, such as bereavement, abuse, redundancy, breakdown of a relationship.
  • When your experience repeated difficulties in close relationships with others, or have concerns about your sexuality or are unhappy in a long-term partnership.
  • Or when you have just lost your way in life.   

What Happens During The Sessions?

In the therapy sessions you gradually develop a relationship of trust with your therapist in which you feel accepted and increasingly understood. Her training and experience enable her to help you understand and develop aspects of yourself which may have got buried, or which may never have had a chance to develop, in a healthy and life-enhancing way before.  The duration of the counselling/psychotherapy sessions will depend on how deep-seated and how complex your emotional problems are. Each individual is, of course, completely unique, and the sessions are tailored to your needs.

Where Can I learn More?

The websites of both the B.A.C.P and the UKCP as well as the website of The Guild of Psychotherapists give helpful accounts of how psychotherapy and Counselling can help people.