Tina is an integrative Massage Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the health, fitness and wellbeing industries.

Apart from her massage experience, ranging from relaxing and Swedish massage to sports massage and myofascial trigger point release, Tina’s background includes personal training and rehabilitation, life and health coaching, nutritional therapy, Reiki and a range of mind and emotional therapies.

This has naturally occurred over the years,as all the various elements are so closely linked to our optimum health, wellbeing, athletic performance, physical and emotional recovery and overall happiness.

JK Rowling:

“Tina’s expertise, her commitment and her professionalism were outstanding, and we will never forget the kindness, hope and positive energy she brought into our lives at a very difficult time.”

Tina’s own sporting activities include(d) competing internationally in Latin American dancing with her Russian dance partner, playing rugby for the Guildford Gazelles (and very occasionally for Surrey), skiing, snowboarding, surfing, rowing and yoga.

Her broad knowledge and experiences have shaped and influenced her therapeutic approach in a unique and intuitive way, with the goal of achieving a therapeutic outcome in a relaxing, rather than clinical environment.

What kind of people has she worked with?

Tina has worked with a broad range of clients across the globe, in a variety of settings

  • Privately with world champion athletes and dancers
  • With the severely ill and fragile
  • With Politicians and celebrities
  • In the calm setting of beautiful spas
  • At events and competitions
  • In care homes, hospitals and within the NHS

These varied experiences inspired Tina to offer you a completely bespoke therapeutic massage service, specifically tailored to your needs, taking place in a relaxing environment, using only the finest organic oils, enriched and scented with essential oils.

Who says you can’t combine a sports massage with relaxation?

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