Lee Jenkins


Lee Jenkins Portrait“I am endlessly fascinated by how we can free ourselves from habitual patterns, discover new possibilities and ways of moving toward a more balanced and integrated future – freeing up our minds and even perhaps with a few smiles along the way.”  Lee’s fascination and relentless passion for movement & bodies has led him to work alongside a diverse range of people from all walks of life. His career first began after obtaining a Masters in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art.  After this he worked as an international photographer where he soon started noticing common patterns and behaviours.  He realised that perhaps a lot of these tensions, stresses, anxieties and complaints are somehow related to living in our fast paced modern society.  With this realisation Lee looked at his own life and began to slow down. Soon after he embarked on an investigation and study of meditation, yoga and movement around the world.  This led Lee to return to his home ground and begin 3 years of training with the British Academy of Rolfing®.  He graduated in 2014 as a certified Rolfer®.  Whilst training and practicing Rolfing® Lee found his speciality in Rolfing Movement.  This inspired him to continue training, this time in Munich over the space of two years with the European Rolfing Association.   He graduated as a certified Rolf® movement practitioner in 2016. Rolfing® is a highly effective method of working with people and their bodies.  Involving hands on tissue work, looking at where we are, how we move and exploring movement re-education.  Working towards undoing, letting go and changing old patterns.  Developing self-awareness and improving well being when there is tension, pain, loss of flexibility or mobility.  Discover a powerful tool for physical and personal transformation that brings a new quality of life.

To book a session: call/text 07583 702888 or email: leetherolfer@gmail.com
For more info: www.ukrolfing.com

When he’s not teaching or Rolfing, he may be found tending to the land at Walnut Farm; his 18 acre organic sanctuary.